Why is video and media literacy important in schools?

Since 2009, Take Two Film Academy has taught filmmaking and media literacy programs in private, public and charter schools from New York to Boston. More than 5,000 students of all economic backgrounds K-12 have participated in one of Take Two's programs. Our approach is aligned with the DOE Standards in Arts as well as the Blueprint for Moving Image.  

While Take Two’s integrated curriculum supports social skills through teaching the importance of sharing ideas, listening, teamwork and collaboration, it also is carefully designed to deliver curriculum in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. We teach every aspect of filmmaking, including research, screenwriting, technical camerawork, performance in front of the camera, direction from behind it and video editing.  Through our work, students gain the technical and creative competencies needed to transform their ideas into fully realized works. In addition to guiding students through the process of creating documentary and narrative films, our program provides students with the tools and language necessary to analyze films and other forms of media.


During this time of Remote learning Take Two can provide:

  • PD for teachers to give them the tools to create their own videos for distance learning.  This will cover best practices for file formats to minimize upload/download time, lighting, audio, editing and file management.

  • Work with your teachers to find videos and animations that will help teach and deliver background knowledge of a unit of study, as well as help them make their own dynamic lesson plans.

  • Teach teachers and students how to create digital media projects to present learning through documentary, narrative film or podcasts.  This is great for students who are looking for creative ways to show their learning, who may also need additional enrichment, and/or need other opportunities for independent inquiry.


Take Two Film Academy serves private, public and charter schools in New York City and Boston. We are a contracted MTAC vendor with the DOE.


Take Two worked with 137 6th graders to create 29 short films around What Goes Down the Drain.

The documentaries were based on what they were learning in their Social Studies, ELA, Math and Science classrooms.  The films have a distinct call to action -  to clean up the Hudson River. These 6th graders came up with a campaign on change.org, enlisted their community to become educated around this issue, and were able to present their learning to enact change.  See our campaign on change.org here.  You can also read about our work in this article here.

To have Take Two come into your school to offer a customized after-school program or in-school residency please email or call us!  917.546.6816, info@taketwofilmacademy.com.

Check out our book! The Third Dimension of Literacy

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