Media literacy has never been so important.

This is why we have launched The Take Two Media Initiative to reach the kids/schools who don’t have access funds available for this type of work.

We believe all kids deserve an opportunity to get a great education and the most vulnerable kids in our societies don’t go to schools with strong PTAs (who raise money for alternative education). 

Together, we can change that.


Our goal is to reach 600 kids in public elementary, middle and high schools this year who suffer from low attendance rates, poor student morale, and serious budget problems. Take Two’s real-world programs integrate into all areas of study, our hands-on, Project Based Learning (PBL) techniques give these kids a reason to get excited about learning again.


But we need your help.

We’re trying to raise $100,000 to provide our programs free-of-cost to five schools across New York City.  If we can achieve this goal, we’ll be eligible for help from the Tides Foundation, which sponsors non-profit work with for-profit companies.


Your support would mean a lot to us. Even a little bit makes a big difference. You can learn more and make a pledge here.  We cannot collect any funds until we reach our pledged goal of $100,000.  Please contact us if you are able to make a contribution, you can email your commitment amount to:

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