This summer, kids make the movies they want to see!

Students use professional cameras and software to write, shoot, act and edit their own short movies.

Camps run in weekly sessions, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and end with a screening party.

Film Camps start June 15th and run through August 21st.

Upper West Side



Solomon Schechter School

805 Columbus Ave

June 29th-August 21st

PS 340

64 West 17th St

June 29th-August 21st

Speyer Legacy School

805 Columbus Ave

June 15th-26th



FILM CAMP: final edits and screening party.


record voice overs, editing and screening party.



FILM CAMP: ice breaker games, brainstorming movie ideas, script writing and location scouting.


intro to animation, pixilation, outdoor free time.



FILM CAMP: table reads of scripts, camera lesson, casting, storyboarding, and pre-production.


warm up games, rotoscoping, outdoor free time.



FILM CAMP: break into small groups to film separate projects.


warm up games, clay character design, story concept, outdoor free time.



FILM CAMP: finish filming and Final Cut Pro editing lesson.


warm up games, clay animation, outdoor free time.

Every week of film camp covers the basics of how to make a movie from start to finish, no experience is necessary!  Kids will learn how to write their own scripts, storyboard, operate professional camcorders and DSLRs, act in front of a camera and edit using Final Cut Pro.  Every week of Film Camp features a skill or theme to focus on to keep sessions exciting and new.  Camps are capped at 14 students and will result in 2 or more short films by the end of the week.  Our camps are completely hands-on so whenever kids are not acting, they are working the camera, holding the boom or calling the shots.  Animation Camps for younger students will explore stop-motion, rotoscoping, pixilation and more in fun daily projects.

Film Camp Themes

Week of 6/15 and 2/22 - Classic Film Camp. This weeklong workshop covers filmmaking from A-Z and is great for beginners as well as experienced students looking to sharpen their skills.  Midtown only.

Week of 6/29 - Summer Blockbuster. Calling all future Spielbergs! Start the summer off with a bang as we explore epic storytelling and grand adventure.

Week of 7/6 - Advanced Camera Work. Take those camera skills to the next level with crane shots, rack focus and the trickiest of them all: the dolly zoom. Students get their hands on top notch cameras and state-of-the-art stabilizers.

Week of 7/13 - Lighting and Film Noir. Students gain experience with studio light kits. Master three-point lightning and learn how to use dramatic shadows to create a scene worthy of Hitchcock!

NEW! Weeks of 7/6 and 7/13 - Super 8 Film.  Putting the film back in Film Academy!  Students in this special two-week course will get their hands on real film stock and shoot a project on a Super 8 camera during the first week, then they will edit the second week after the film has been processed and digitized.  Enrollment in this workshop also includes enrollment in the Advanced Camera and Lighting camps plus materials.  UWS only.

NEW! Week of 7/20 - 3D Movies. Filmmaking travels into a new dimension... the third dimension! Students will use stereoscopic cameras to create a short movie inspired by creature features of the 1950's and 60's. Get those glasses ready! Includes materials cost.

Week of 7/27 - Special Effects. Transport yourself anywhere in the world with a green screen, add lasers and explosions! We'll even learn how to create our own effects using techniques from masters of their craft.

NEW! Week of 8/3 - Animation. Students will learn stop motion, rotoscoping and pixilation techniques to create animated shorts. We can even incorporate animated characters in with live action!

Week of 8/10 - Advanced Editing. The perfect week for those who want to delve deep into the art of the edit, including special effects, key framing and color correction.

Week of 8/17 - Music and Soundtracks. A good piece of music completes the film. Kids will learn to use Garageband to create scores for their own movies!

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