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“Take Two is an amazing curriculum partner, for authentic project-based learning and social activism.”

– Tiffany Wycoff, Head of the Mandell School

"Take Two was the perfect addition to our school. The impact and video work they engaged our students in was invaluable in helping to solidify our students’ learning. I look forward to partnering with Take Two for years to come, as they have become embedded in the fabric of our culture."


- Jessica Jenkins, Founding Principal of the West End Secondary School

"An important benefit of the work we do with Take Two is the way in which it seamlessly integrates with the work we do in social studies and science. Our teachers appreciate an enrichment program that supports our curriculum and the work they do, rather than adding an extra burden for them. For example, our second graders created outstanding bird documentaries as the culmination of our bird study."


- Pat Carney, Principal of PS 340

"A wonderful program and partner!"

- Tribeca Film Festival

“I've learned so much at Take Two!  I love writing scripts and editing!"


- Matt (Age 11)​

“I love the whole thing, writing, directing, acting and editing - It's all fun! "


- Amadeo (Age 12)​

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