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  • Why should kids learn filmmaking?​
    We consider digital media to be the next step in literacy. Most of our information comes to us in the form of video and the way we interact with the world has become increasingly visual. The ability to communicate in the medium of film is no longer just a niche interest but a necessity. In fact, many colleges ask for video submissions in addition to regular essays. We aim to teach not only the craft of filmmaking, but the art as well.
  • What does a typical workshop look like?
    We offer several types of classes such as weekend, after school and school break workshops. All of our programs offer a soup-to-nuts filmmaking experience where kids are the writers, directors, actors, crew and editors! Students learn how to write screenplays, operate DSLRs and prosumer camcorders, compose shots and edit using Final Cut Pro.
  • What sets Take Two Film Academy apart?
    We believe in putting the power in the hands of the students. That means kids get as much hands-on experience as possible. Many other programs have teachers edit the videos or even hold the cameras. We value the learning process first and embrace imperfections!
  • Do I have to enroll for the entire summer?
    No, each week-long camp operates as a stand alone session. We will always cover the basics and students can come in with no experience or a good filmmaking background and come away with new skills.
  • What is your class size?
    We cap our workshops at 14 kids to maximize students' time with the cameras and software. ​
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a risk-free experience and will give a full refund up to and including the first day of the workshop. After the first day, refunds are prorated on a daily basis.
  • What is the lunch policy?
    In workshops that extend over lunch time kids should bring a lunch from home. We are a nut-free program and if your child has any allergies please inform us which foods to avoid.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    At Take Two Film Academy, we believe that every child should have access to media education. If you require financial assistance, please email
  • Do you offer sibling discounts?
    We do not have sibling discounts, however our summer workshops do offer discounts on multiple week enrollments.
  • Where are the workshops located?
    Our workshops take place in many different locations including: West End Secondary School, Speyer Legacy School, Solomon Schechter Manhattan and Leman Prep. We can also come to you!
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